Our Story


Our Mission

Here at Twisted Oak Landscape our mission is to provide our customers with the most up to date landscaping technology and materials while also providing them with quality service and workmanship. We also strive to make sure that our employees have the knowledge and resources that they need so that they can consistently give our customers the absolute best experience. Finally, we pride ourselves in working hard to give back and invest our time and resources in our local communities.


Core Values



Hard Work



Our History

Twisted Oak Landscape is a family operation run by brother duo Ryan and Joel Kinder. Growing up, neither of us thought that we would start and run our own business. In fact, life took us in different directions initially. Ryan, the older and debatably wiser one, was a CNA for a good portion of his late teens and early 20s. Then he made a switch to excavating for a local company for 3 years. The younger, and possibly smarter one, Joel started at a four-year college directly out of high school. Shortly after starting he realized this wasn’t what he wanted, and so made the switch to Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire and entered the program of Landscape, Plant, and Turf Management. There Joel picked up basic skills and knowledge in the horticulture industry. He then learned most of his knowledge in the hard and soft scaping world by getting dirty (literally) with The Natural Touch Landscaping and Supply. While there, he had the opportunity to work alongside men that have been in the industry for over 20 years. With their knowledge and experience guiding him, Joel was able to really learn the ins and outs of the business. From there, Joel took another landscape job in which he was a crew lead and this helped him to learn more about management and leadership.

Then, in a “Twist”, fate brought us back together and we started discussing the idea of launching our own company. It took a lot of thought and planning, but we finally decided it was right for us. We had Joel’s schooling, knowledge, and experience, Ryan’s experience gleaned over the years and his desire to learn and better himself, and a strong work ethic instilled into us by our parents. With all that we knew we had the magic formula to a company that could not be matched.  

So that brings us to now. Twisted Oak Landscape is a premier source for all your landscape needs. We strive to create and construct landscape creations that will not only improve your property value but, most importantly, will maximize your time spent with family. Whether it is a complex outdoor living space or a simple firepit we are here to take your thoughts and ideas and use our knowledge to create a design that fits your space and personality. We will work with you throughout the entire project to make your dream a reality. We put the extra effort into doing this because we love the natural beauty and peace that the outdoors brings us, and our hope is to be able to share that with our customers. We would love for you to join our family and become a part of our journey. We look forward to helping you turn your home into an outdoor escape.